Opal - New Season

March 15 2024 - Beta Open!

International midrate PVE
Silkroad CAP 80 Server

What awaits you on the new server
in the new season:

Old caravan trade

    You will load your goods with the old trade system and travel with them from town to town

PVE system

We will bring back memories to farming And fighting ancient monsters For the harvest

Long term system

Everyone knows that Opal opens with a long-term system, so you will never get tired of the fun and wars

Chinese Only

There's no other choice better than joining Opal if you're a fan of Cap 80 servers with only the CH race!

Game Play

Everyone knows that Opal's true goal is to have fun So our motto is Job & Quest

History of Opal made by its players

Some great movies from our servers made by our players. More you can find on youtube just type "OpalSro"